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06 - AE and Nether Exploration
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About this Episode
So, I did a few things off camera, then I get into Applied Energistics and then head to the Nether. There, we are introduced to some new 'friends', the Flame Spider (which spawns babies on death) and the Firebat (mutter mutter). 

This might be the end of the season here, RR did an update of Stable with a LOT of good things, and this will give me a chance to give Underground Biomes the old heave-ho.

Forum Thread
Survive and Thrive in RR
A Newbie's Guide to Resonant Rise

This is a Newbie-Friendly guide to Resonant Rise, showing you all the changes and differences that exist within this mod pack. You'll be able to watch as I die to a Hecate, chat with everyone in the #rr IRC channel on, and proceed to show you step by step how to survive and thrive in Resonant Rise.