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02 - Mansion Of Madness
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About this Episode
Episode 01: In which we meet our protagonist and loose almost seven years of memory. Amnesia this early, you'll say? Well, of course! The Yith are here to deliver! This one is quite cutscene heavy, and we had a whole lot of technical difficulties, but since we lost the voice track on our first runthrough and the video recording of the second take, we were NOT going to re-voice this one. I apologize for the botched sound.

Forum Thread
:: Whoracle :: SpineShark ::
Let's Play Call Of Cthulhu: Dark Corners Of The Earth

Insane In The Membrane

Gather round, everybody!

In 2005, a neat little game was released unto the original XBOX and the PC: Call Of Cthulhu: Dark Corners Of The Earth.
Originally planned as the first entry in a whole series of mythos games, this little gem never quite took off. It's atmospheric,
true to the sources in spirit if not in letter, quite fun, and darn ugly to look at.

So why LP this game?

Simple: I'm a mild mythos nerd, and SpineShark, who'll sign up to this forum especially for this LP, is a major one.
We wanted to do an LP together for some time now, and this game is the perfect soil upon which we'll spill our evil seed.

What you can expect from this LP:

 - Live gameplay video with audio commentary by me, SpineShark and maybe the occasional guest
 - Updates once a week, with one or two episodes each
 - An unskilled playthrough on Medium difficulty, with wise-ass comments and sometimes help by someone who vaguely remembers the game
 - If there's demand for it, there'll be a live stream